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Mobile Car & Vehicle Air Conditioning, Regassing & Recharging In Tallinn and Harjumaa
Gas R134a, R1234yf, R744 (CO2)

Mobile Car & Vehicle Air Conditioning, Regassing & Recharging In Tallinn. Freoonipunkt OÜ have been car air conditioning specialists for 12 years, and provide car air con services to the public, trade, local garages and main dealers. We offer mobile car air conditioning services with fully qualified, trained engineers specialising in air con recharge (regas), servicing, parts fitting, fault diagnosis, and repair of your car, van, and agricultural vehicles throughout Tallinn, Viimsi and Harjumaa



Regas (recharge) gas R134a, R1234yf, R744 (CO2)


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Air Con Recharge (AirCon Regas)

An air con recharge, or regas, is different from a full car air conditioning service in terms of what is done when working on the car’s A/C system.

Your car can lose refrigerant every year. It’s estimated that you can lose around a third of your coolant after three years. That is why you notice the car doesn’t get as cold as it should in the summer when you turn on the air-con. This is when you need an air con recharge or full A/C service.

An air con recharge is basically a top up of your air conditioning refrigerant. We will:

  1. Come to you at your home or place of work.
  2. Check the system for leaks.
  3. Determine the amount of refrigerant still in the system. We do that by testing the pressure within the A/C system. Providing there are no leaks, and pressure is holding we can then:
  4. Top up the system with fresh refrigerant to the optimal pressure required, and
  5. Check to see it’s working as it should.

We offer an air con regas service for all makes and models of car, truck, and agricultural vehicles right across the Estonia. Not only do we offer a regas service for the common R134a refrigerant, we are also able to regas the newer cars that have R1234yf ( HFO)

We use best station for air conditioning service TEXA 780R Bi-gas


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